Motorcycles, Vintage & Hoarding Tendencies

 In one way or another, I've always been involved in the world of vintage & picking. When I met Brian 4 years ago, we had an immediate attraction. In fact, he might have tried to buy my prized 1950's denim shop coat I was wearing; clearly establishing himself as a man of taste. 

Brian Talks about one of his favorite finds

Over the years, getting to know the downtown and tower and making an effort to get to know the community builders and culture creators, I find myself wandering into Brian's shop @Fo.Urs to shoot the shit or pick up some new denim, bandanas, or marvel at the refined and precise collection of other vintage clothing that defines his style and offering. 

1940's Harley Spring Fork
You may have seen Brian at vintage or antique fairs around the central valley, and perhaps stopped to watch him embroider fabrics live on a 100+ year old antique embroidery machine, which brings a level of intrigue and artistry to the shop, and separating him from a plethora of other vendors in the cutthroat industry he resides. 

To say the "job" is easy would be a foolish oversight. Being successful in any vintage reselling takes years of lessons, a natural eye, and the drive to get out there and be the first person to find the prize. It also takes an audience and knowledge of fashion, and in Brian's case, Motorcycles. 

Sitting in his home shop, you can't help but be amazed and fascinated at the piles of parts, number of motorcycles, and pure passion and eye for celebrating the deep love of antique and custom choppers that runs deep in our country. 

Between the brands @NoChoppers and @Fo.Urs sits a man that has truly defined himself in pursuing what he loves, defining his own style and bringing life to old classics. 

Find Brian tonight at @ArtHop and check out the latest episode streaming below, or find us on Spotify under NoLife Fresno

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