What the F@#$ Is No Life?

Official Flag of Fresno
We believe No Life Fresno was birthed from necessity, in a community that, for as tight as it can be still has opportunities for inclusiveness. The Tower District & Downtown Fresno is ripe with personality, talent, vision, artists, and thinkers. We all tend to gather in packs. The places we go to create, share, and celebrate there is always something or someone whose story hasn’t been told.

The ‘culture creators’ in Fresno are worth getting to know; to help understand who & what brings our community together and, ultimately, how our collective experience can help Fresno navigate its future with community as a focus.

Meet NoLife Founder and Fresnan, Christian Honetschlager on the NoLife Podcast episode 6. Enjoy!

Our Logo & Brand:

Designer: Jason Hilton
Created: 2019

Design Notes:
"The logo consists of the three official colors of Fresno. Everything that is No Life, is Fresno. There are no other choices for the official No Life logo and brand colors, it's clear. The 'No' obviously comes from FresNo. This word play gives the brand an immediate sense of humor, casualness and approachability.
In terms of the design itself, the clean and organized line work, spacing and composition make the brand iconic with clear readability and bold line weight to maximize scalability. The 'grid' aspects of the logo should evoke a sense of closeness with a clean fitting and structured character. Like a community that works well together. As part of this design, many variations of the logo have been created to keep the design adaptive, thematically inclusive and fun to experiment with. Personally, and to be frank, this design nails the shit out of the idea." ~Jason Hilton