All that Fringe at Rogue Performance Festival with Beckie Tetrault



I had a lovely chat the other day  on the famous Stones patio with fellow Tower resident Beckie Tetrault about Rogue Festival.

Originally born in the bay area, Tetrault made her way to the Central Valley and eventually landed in Fresno in the 90s. Beckie recalls a feeling of being stuck in town until she found belonging and community in Tower District .

We dive into the strange amazing world of one Tower's adored festivals called Rogue. An annual event that features fringe performers from all over yonder be it theater, music, performance and way beyond! An oasis from the mainstream, this volunteer based organization celebrates with the community every first and second weekend of March!
Educating me on her journey, Beckie explains how she ended up behind the curtain of Rogue by learning website design and facilitating ticket support.

A space to be weird and push the edges, Rogue is considered to be a big family reunion to the community where being your authentic self is encouraged!

Jonathan Low-Fi

Information about Rogue: