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MEGA Texas Barbeque

There are plenty of places to get BBQ in Fresno, but none with quite as much star-power as Anthony Vallejo with MEGA Texas Barbeque. I was sent by my barber, and I’m sure glad I listened.

Pulling up to the ARCO on McKinley and Fresno, you might assume its a taco shop, but once you pull in you’re greeted by a massive double-barreled smoker/grill. This rig alone will peak your curiosity.

The sign out front says “Open from 11am to 3pm OR Until sell out”. I arrived at 11:10am and join a small crowd of people surrounding the counter at the back. I said hello, then immediately ordered a “4 Meat” plate in the attempt to get a little bit of everything.

Smoked Tri-tip, Pork Belly, Lollipop chicken and of course, some ribs. Green chili mac n’ cheese and potato salad sides.

The 4 meat will set you back $20 and they only take cash. Don’t be alarmed though, this food is absolutely incredible and plentiful.

I picked up a rib and the bone slid out from inside and left me with a delicious, crisped and seasoned hunk of meat. The “Chicken Lollipops” are a trimmed drumstick, wrapped in bacon and it too, slips off the bone with ease. You’d expect just the slightest bit of dryness but not here. Not in any part of it.

The pork belly (my fork is in it) just melted. Really. It was the star of the show, although it truly would be difficult to pin one favorite. Just go decide for yourself.

Anthony Vallejo himself is a man of stature, and upon conversation, you could tell why his food was so absolutely delicious. The man is passionate; not just about the food he’s serving but about the experience and the people he’s serving it to. He’s only been in the ARCO for about 3 months now but I would bet we’ll be seeing this man popping up in his own permanent establishment in the not too distant future; perhaps to join the ranks of good eats in the Tower.

Check MEGA Texas out below, then go get some yourself. Best Barbeque I’ve had in the last 12 months for sure.