Al's Diner @ Olive & 99

There isn't hardly a city in America that doesn't have some gut-busting greasy spoon along some tired road, just off the highway. Loyally filled with locals new and old, casually reaching out and grabbing a handful of passers-by leaving them with what will likely be a fading memory.

Al's is one of those places. The food certainly isn't bad, and among the diners in this city it's relative ease of access and proximity make it my most frequented (R.I.P. Chicken Pie Shop). 

The experience at Al's is what in my mind, makes them just a little more enticing than a handful of others. Waiters are in a white button up, black pants and a blue apron, while the waitresses all in scrubs - patterned tops and solid pants.

If anything, they're overstaffed. The dining room - housed inside an old Wendy's - maybe sits 50, and add another 20 or so more for the patio. On any given Saturday or Sunday after 9am there's no less than 8 servers floating around the building, repeatedly and constantly filling your drinks without ask, with a smile and attitude that makes you feel like you're supposed to be there. 

They churn out decent food at an alarming rate while they play a game of volume to account for they're infrastructure investment that is what truly makes this place great. Less than 15 minutes after being seated you've had your first bite, no matter how busy it is. 

So if you're in the Tower, dreaming of a bygone era of 2 months ago when you could still crawl down the street for a pot pie breakfast; head West to 99 and let's Al's fill that gap.