Moto Bodega & Delicatessen


Maybe you and your partner or friends argue about who slaps condiments, proteins and dairy on bread the best in town, maybe you don't. Either way, MOTO should be on your list. 

Situated on the beloved block of Echo & Weldon is a simple idea executed to perfection. MOTO Delicatessen & Bodega may just be a sandwich shop on the surface, but what it brings to Fresno is far more than just food. 

Tower's go-to sandwich shops, however local & established or franchise heavy they may be, don't make the same effort to bring together elements of our community and celebrate the crafts of food. Locally made bread and fresh ingredients from our bountiful central valley farmers elevate an age old concept with the tastes of our home.

The owner Carlos, is a long-time local with a passion for food and community. Although the menu may be small, sandwiches and sides aren't all that's for sale. 

With a variety of every day goods like soap, toilet paper and even a basket of potatoes, Carlos will sell you whatever you want, straight out of his inventory. Need a head of romaine and some tomatoes? If he's got it, it's yours. 

With so many big box & chain restaurants populating Fresno, it's refreshing to have a true neighborhood bodega and deli gracing the Fresno high area. It's comfortable, refreshing and truly a gem to the community, and with a beer and wine license in the works, a new evening hangout to look forward to.

We talked to Carlos about where he came from and how he got here, opening MOTO in the midst of a pandemic. Listen to the full interview below. 

- Christian 

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MOTO Bodega & Delicatessen