El Cochinito Contento



El Cochinito Contento

Sitting outside on the caged patio, in the mish-mash of furniture that has been collected, with Olive traffic dampening your conversation slightly you can't help but feel comfortable.

While it certainly doesn't have the highest curb appeal, El Cochinito Contento delivers big on dishes you know and love. Most tower locals know the spot and it's always spoken about in high regard. It's a no-frills experience with a small beer selection but the price point is right, and the food will make you want to come back. 

There’s undoubtedly a hierarchy of favorite Mexican spots in the neighborhood; I’m not here to argue who is the best. What you get here is good, reliable and familiar food executed to general expectations. It’s a few blocks off the main drag in the Tower, but its worth a short walk for the value.


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