Following The Grateful Ted


The thunder claps across the sky in the distance on a sweet spring Thursday afternoon as Ted Nunes and I converse on my front porch about the mysterious and personal process that is songwriting. Folks in the Tower probably have encountered this mild mannered gentleman serenading audiences at local bars located in the Tower while donning a full brim pioneer hat.

Nunes chuckles about starting out in Visalia and learning to play guitar from watching Larry Little's Learn Guitar on VHS. It wasn't until Ted fell into the magical world of The Grateful Dead as a teenager that would set him on the path to writing poetry, discovering other folk artists and becoming one himself.

Living in Tower for over 9 years Mr. Nunes reflects on how interconnected we are in Fresno and how music brings those connections even closer. He dreams of a day when all the Theaters in Fresno feature music acts every night and that we are no longer an overlooked city.

With a single recently released and one about to drop, Ted Nune's writing is stronger than ever! With plans of more records to come and weekly gigging I don't anticipate Ted's writing well drying up anytime soon! If it does...well i suppose it's time to put down the pen and go livin!

Where to see a show?
Mondays 6pm-9pm at Lucys 

Friday April 29th at Gazebo Gardens (with Richfield Band) Single Release of Real Contessa 

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