Sheets of cheese - A Palo Verde Bakery story


Palo Verde @ Spokeasy
Palo Verde serving sweets at Spokeasy

The bread library
Across the world, while the rest of us sleep, in any major city to the smallest towns in America bakers are working hard to put bread on the table and bring sweet treats to our palettes. One of Fresno's finest, is Palo Verde Bakery. 

I'd venture to guess that it's often overlooked what goes into the production of some of our favorite sweets and pastries. Palo Verde owner Natalie Jahanbani shares with us just what the life is like, and how truly grueling and backbreaking the passion of baking can be. This isn't cupcakes for your niece or nephews birthday party; it's 650lbs of bread dough. Hundreds of pounds of flour, butter and eggs are used every day to bring about a standard bakery selection of goods. 

What makes Palo Verde particularly unique is, well, Fresno. With access to the finest quality grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and dairy product and sticking to a wholly seasonal menu, Palo Verde is not just your everyday baker. Pulling from her Iranian heritage, Natalie creates unexpected flavors that mesh with beauty and brings new experiences to industry classics. 

We talk favorite foods, summer fruits, kitchen failures and get barked at by our dogs while being stressed out trying to think of a wonderful place we've been, and I drastically over-estimate the town population.

Tune in to the newest episode on the player below, or find us on Spotify under NoLife Fresno. Links to a few of the local businesses she mentions are listed below as well. 

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