The Tales Of Nate Butler

It was a pleasant Spring evening on the Goldstein's front patio conversing with Fresno's legendary working pianist, Nate Butler! Some may have encountered Mr. Butler dancing his fingers gracefully on the keys over the years at bars, venues and restaurants, or heard his voice on the airways of KFSR 90.7 The Local Show.

Inspired by watching musical theater as a young kid and inheriting a piano, Nate takes us down memory lane on how he got where he is today. Being a native Fresnan, he reminisces about the feel of the Tower neighborhood in the 90's; the good, the bad, and the drunk! Nate's stories are truly captivating and his experience is something to learn and celebrate for folks new to the music community and those established alike!

The future burns bright for Nate Butler as the gigs are steady, the comeback of silent film night and the glorious return of past Fresno darling's, (Tales of Young Robert). Whether you catch him on the street, theater, or radio, Mr. Butler is someone you don't want to miss. 

Where to see a live show?

Tuesday's at Goldstein's from 8-10pm
Thursday's at Shepherd's Inn from 4-7pm
Saturday & Sundays at Fresno Breakfast House 10am-1pm

Want to see a silent film with live piano?

First Saturday of the month @ Fresno Music Academy

Wanna hear local music?

Tune into the Local Show on 90.7 KFSR, Sundays from 8-9pm

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