Joining the conversation with Tower District Preservation Association

It's a pleasant spring afternoon heading into the early evening in the Tower, sitting at Spokeasy PUblic House. I'm having a thoughtful and informative conversation with the president of the Tower District Preservation Association, Alicia Rodriguez. 

Living in a pandemic and facing an evangelical church threatening the unique way of life Tower offers, we learn about the reboot of the Tower District Preservation Society and how we as a community can help maintain the way of life that makes the Tower what it is. 

So let's roll up our sleeves, put on that elbow grease, and join in on the conversation with the TDPA! Don't forget to have fun!





- Jonathan LoFi

Live Now April 18 2022

Moderators from the Tower District Preservation Association will be interviewing candidates Annalise Perea, Cary Catalano, Jeremy Preis, and Mike Briggs regarding issues pertinent to the Tower District Specific Plan Area.

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