"Sippers & Porch Pounders" - Talking to Ryan Metcalf of Modernist Fresno


What do you actually know about cocktails? When I think of cocktail its in classics, like an old fashioned or a simple gin & tonic. Did you know an old fashioned was originally made with Gin? 

If you've been to the Modernist, you'll know that their elevated menu crafted to the seasons of the central valley truly set them apart from any other bar in Fresno. 

Getting to know Ryan Metcalf was a lesson in cocktail passion, history and true expertise. It's no wonder that the Modernist delivers a unique cocktail experience not just for the central valley, but for anywhere. 

We dive deep on the creative processes behind the delivery of seasonal cocktails, and how everyone at the Modernist has the opportunity to create a truly memorable experience through the translation of music, food and destinations into the delicate palette of their undeniably delicious craft cocktails. 

Have a listen to the episode to find out why in the hell people drink Fernet, get a sneek peak on what's coming to this summer's menu, and learn a little bit about the NoLife cocktail of choice, coming soon. 

See Ryan & the rest of the Modernist crew Tuesday-Sunday from 4pm-11pm with extended hours until 1am on Friday's & Saturdays.  

See what they're slinging here: