Not At Gilman! - Emelia Guadarrama

I sat down with a friend and fellow musician Emelia Guadarrama joined by Xena the dog in my backyard this past weekend! Emeila is lead singer and collaborator of one of Fresno's finest indie/twee pop bands 
Sci-Fi Caper! She also shreds bass in Buffy The Vampire Slayer themed punk outfit The Sunnydales. 

Growing up as a through and through Fresnan, Guadarrama recalls fond memories of her neighborhood being featured on Fresno's Uncensored and the genuine love of her hometown. What was originally a desire to play guitar at first actually became a joy of learning to play bass in a band that supported women. 

We talk honestly about the struggles of imposter syndrome and keeping your ego in check when engaging with fans and folks in the community. We laugh about moments on stage that could have gone smoother but realize the humility in the lesson that the universe may be trying to impart.

After what could have been an indefinite hiatus, Sci Caper is back at it again with a show coming up next weekend and plans to record thirteen unreleased songs by the end of the year!

For a more in-depth look at the conversation listen below! 

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Saturday, May 21st,  La Maison Kabob