Last night a DJ saved my life - DJ Mr. Leonard

Getting to know Leonard Longmire, aka DJ Mr. Leonard is a bit of a glimpse into not only his, but your own soul. It's easy to assume that a DJ may just have a general love of music and the creative ability to string together a set that creates the mood an atmosphere for your environment. That is, in Leonard's case, a vast oversimplification. 

DJ'ing isn't just something Leonard fell into. For more than 15 years, he graced the central valley by hosting programs on KFSR and KFCF focused on exploring the deep roots of Jazz in American history. The cultural significance of Jazz on a national, and global scale isn't just about the music, and Leonard's mindset of education and celebration allows him to present not just a single genre, but a wide range to patrons and listeners. 

Whether you've seen him play around town or not, Leonard deeply understands how music can and will move you, and selectively targets different parts of your being to lay down a feel-good, engaging and exploratory set. When you go see him play, you'll know. His loving embrace poured out through soul, funk, jazz, Motown or any other genre is sure to enrapture you. 

You can find DJ Mr. Leonard at Vinni's in tower on the 2nd Saturday of every month, and hosting a Jazz night at the St. Jaoquin natural wine bar downtown on Broadway. 

You can also listen to a plethora of mixes he's presented (and become a patron) via MixCloud: 

And see whats next in his live presentations on Instagram