Harm Reduction and The Needle Exchange - With Dallas Blanchard


I sat down at The No Life Studio with a long time friend and community activist Dallas Blanchard to be informed about The Fresno Needle Exchange.

California native and spending most of his years in Fresno, Dallas was inspired to fight for human rights as a young adult a few decades back during The Iran Hostage Crisis. Since 1996, two years after the founding of The Fresno Needle Exchange, Blanchard has been faithfully serving folks in need with the help of a dedicated crew with big hearts.

It is all too often that city politicians and residents forget, abandon or sneer at some of the most vulnerable and marginalized citizens that need dignity. Offering support, compassion and education about harm reduction, The Fresno Needle Exchange brings awareness to a reality that many communities face in hopes to bring a better quality of life for all.

For a more detailed look about what The Fresno Needle Exchange is and how you can support their future endeavours listen to the episode above, or find us on Spotify under NoLife Fresno.

Jonathan Low-Fi

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