The Prolific Endeavors of a Fantastic Fresnan - Jordan Sanchez

From Fresno, to New York, to San Francisco and back, Jordan Sanchez is a powerhouse of downtown development. Coming back to Fresno for an opportunity to help Bitwise grow, after 7 years the brand has exploded from 20 employees to over 600 and nationwide growth. Spearheading projects like OrdrSlip, which helped countless business keep their doors open through the pandemic, Jordan has since moved into the role of Director of Acquisitions for Bitwise. 

With over 250,000 sqft of business in downtown, Bitwise is providing life-changing opportunities for individuals to modernize their skills and enter the workforce through their education and internship programs with direct job placement opportunities inside Bitwise, including programs specifically designed for formally incarcerated individuals. 

Beyond the Bitwise, Jordan runs AirDTF on instagram, mixing photography studios and Airbnb's providing exciting spaces for local film makers and photographers to pursue their interests during they day, and housing travelers outside of the creative uses. 

We talk housing in downtown as she's setting her sights on helping develop housing throughout Fresno, working on the board with the Lowell CDC to turn renters into homeowners, by buying dilapidated homes through grant money, updating the homes and then providing accessible financing for the existing renters the opportunity to buy their homes. 

Jordan's involvement, vision and resources bring a fresh light to the future of the city. The amount of projects she's involved in is nothing short of overwhelming, and we'll be sure to have her back to expand on all of these programs.