Central Fish

Central Fish is the only place you  need to go to get all your water-based proteins.
It seems any good Fresnan knows this place, if you're in the downtown/tower at least.

Located in the Chinatown, Central fish not only sells fresh fish but has a fast moving restaurant attached flinging all sorts of fried and cooked fish for any of you looking for a proper fish and chip lunch.

The people that work there are all beyond helpful; they seem proud to be working as not just a staple in the community but a distinguished distributor of fresh goods to countless restaurants in the city. I've been quickly informed upon striking up some conversation that "if we don't have it, ask. We'll get it for you."

The reality is that if you're buying fish or crustaceans anywhere else, you're doing it wrong. Another family owned shop started in 1950 these guys are worth a drive from anywhere you are. Accompanying the fresh goods and restaurant is a reasonable grocery selection with all sorts of imported ingredients and meals that you'd be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

Whether you're looking for a fresh cut of salmon for you and the family, or entertaining many guests in a backyard boil (as I do), you're bound to walk away satisfied and be back for more.