Mantis Watch

Its 2384 the year of our lord and The World has been colonized by angry ferocious Mantids devouring every pizza and record shop in sight! Three courageous and hungry souls are sent back to the past to save all of humanity. Armed with nothing but band tee shirts and musical instruments they set forth to create a group to bring hope to our Earth! That band is Mantis Watch!

Comprised of local punk veterans Carl Geissert (The Giddy Ups), Matt Mollusky (The Sunnydales) and Jon Romulan (Judy and The Donuts), Mantis Watch delivers the type of raw power pop that one would expect if they were to defeat our evil green preying invaders. Since the arrival of these folks back in 2011 they have released two E.Ps and two singles with a new full length on the way! It's hard to grow tired of Carl's driving guitar as it sludges along with Matt's melodically fast bass playing as it's being locked in with the lazer focused drumming by Jon Romulan. It gets even tastier when Carl's deep vocal style leads the way while Matt does catchy back up harmonies making the entire package a definite audio threat to the Mantids.

Whether you see Mantis Watch live or hear their recordings they are definitely a fun band to experience. Wearing 3d glasses on stage blaring their ruckus pop punk and getting into fake fights on the internet with other local talent it's pretty hard not to be enchanted and entertained. The ongoing letter campaign for a sponsorship for Brunswick Boneless Herring Fillet Seafood Snacks is one for the record books! Then there's Carl's extensive history with "The Law" while representing Mantis Watch:

"Attempted Lyod Dobbler"  

"Impersonating an Officer of The Sizzler" 

"Grand Theft Corndog" 

"Tampering with an Official Government Marmot" 

"Aggravated Hoarse Fighting"

"Unwanted Eye Contact with George Zimmer of Men's Wearhouse Fame" 

(Record of Crimes credit to Carl Geissert)

To pay off lead singer and writer Carl's past offensives with the powers that be, Mantis Watch are offering a bran spanking new full length titled (Channel 101) on Outloud Records dropping October 21st! Thirteen songs inspired by their favorite obscure Los Angeles based programming this is an audio adventure you don't want to miss.

Bastard Robots, Kittenless Universeses and Asshole Doctors, Fresno's Ramones Core heroes are back in action and stronger than ever to fight off and defend our future from the Mantids!


-Jonathan Trash


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