Renna's Meat Market

You'll undoubtedly hear this from me many times but nothing makes me happier than supporting local business. As I spread my love of food around the city I make a conscious effort to constantly seek out and support the shops that we drive by every day and distribute my hard earned cash. The point is, there is no reason to spend all of your money at large chains when there's always a little guy/gal out in the world selling the same thing.

Renna's is an old school butcher shop. They live to serve one purpose: High quality meats. There's a slew of meat pushers in the valley and surely many favorites for many people, but this is mine.

Upon approach the building is plastered with classic white signs with red & white checked boarders boasting their variably sized and selected freezer packs at inarguably great prices. When you get in the door's it's simple: Meat.

They men behind the counter don't just cut meat; they'll tell you how to cook it and suggest something for you if ever you need it. They border on unapproachable at first, with a gruff look and bloody apron but damn near the whole shop greets you when you walk in the door.

Just because it's not in the case doesn't mean they don't have it - just ask. Touting a small seafood collection, they even have frozen catfish nuggets which, unless you're going to Central Fish I don't know of another place to get.

Be ready once you're number is called as you'll likely be in the middle of a line - these guys are always busy and the quality speaks to why.

If my suggestion is of any value, get yourself a Rib eye steak, a rack of pork back ribs cut St Louis and a frozen pack of they're house-made beef and pork Chorizo. Toss another pack of any of their dozen or so of a Renna's sausage (chicken jalepeno is my favorite and gawk and the low price as you pay and leave what is realistically the best place to get fresh cuts for your weekend barbecue.