At the corner of Arthur & Robinson

Christian Honetschlager and myself had the pleasure of settling into our new studio with our lovely friend and neighborhood freelance photographer Arthur Robinson. We share in the moment and chat about photography, music, poetry, life and everything in between. 

Spending over three decades in Fresno, Arthur paints a picture of the many layers and complexity of our city and the importance of community and accountability within the bonds we gravitate towards. Starting out on disposable cameras, Arthur takes us down memory lane of a time of one hour photos and the evolution of shooting on an iPhone to using a more advanced camera today. 

Robinson shares about how a free music festival on the Fulton Mall in Downtown named "Catacomb Party" really inspired new relationships and forged a wider path with photography. With the poetic nature and beauty Arthur carries in conversation time just flew by as well as it stood perfectly still.

It was an honor to capture this moment and we look forward to having Arthur in the studio again! This is a must listen interview; stream it above or find us on Spotify.

Jonathan Low-Fi 


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