The Psychedelic Sounds of a Mountain Boy - Brian Bakalian

Whether he's a hired gun for groups like The Stone Foxes, playing for Brim with Daniel Rice, or putting together powerhouse local bands like Sun Umbra, Brian's passion for music is a blessing for the Fresno community. With a grounded perspective on producing and recording music, Bakalian brings a wide range of musical experience into all he does. 

With his most recent project, Sun Umbra, Brian brings together a remarkable group of seasoned musicians in an ensamble that is truly a pleasure to the ears. With Daniel Rice Daniel Rice- (in Westing, formally known as Slow Season), also in Brim with Brian), Mike Adame (also in Ultra Diamonds. Formally in Light Thieves and Fierce Creatures), Tony Montanez (Style like Revelators, Danielle Rondaro and the Nitty Gritty, and new solo project called Fats LaBell), Nick Navarro (Style Like Revelators), John Tucker (formally of Beastmaker and Haunt), and Brian himself. Pulling from classic psych, metal, hard rock and doom, Sun Umbra is heavy hitting and melodic and an ode to all their roots.

We talk about Brian's musical beginnings, whether or not you ever don't get nervous when you get on stage and just how bad you can fuck things up during a set when you're having a little too much fun. Bakalian's dulcet tones grace the mic as he humbly shares his past, how inspiration effects writing new music and that it's okay to sound similar (thanks Jeff Tweedy), and what he's looking forward to and loves about Fresno.

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