The Archivist of Fresno's Music Scene - Steven Thomas

It's endlessly fascinating that within our city that there are humble people taking on herculean efforts for nothing other than individual passion. To dedicate your time to documenting what you love about this or any town you live in, be it through photography, video, art or any other medium is truly something special.

I sat down with Steven Thomas (@burninghammer559 insta & youtube) who has, without much of a second thought, been tirelessly documenting the Fresno music scene over the last 10+ years. Through several devices and formats, Steven has amassed nearly 800 videos on his youtube channel of various musicians and genres that have rolled through Fresno. With a focus on the punk & hardcore scene, his videos may be the only proof of long-lost establishments throughout Fresno and, the first person to tell me that there are STILL shows happening in Chinatown on a regular basis.

Currently shooting on a Hi8 handycam, his documentation provides a truly analog experience similar to the home movies most of us have watched from the 90's. The raw presentation immerses you in the experience, allowing you to be there and truly participate in the shows. With part of the fun being the search for the dying medium, Steven shares how he fell in love with the Fresno music scene and what it's done for his life and his devotion to capturing and sharing these moments in time for no other reason than because he wants to.

You can find his Youtube here:

Some selected shows in Instagram below: